Who is selling at these prices?

I mean we all know that prices are manipulated by whales but I dont want to believe that many Nex holders sell. I dont think there are whales who own Nex either yet the price is really volatile. I know liquidity is thin but still…doesnt make much sense to be pegged so much to Bitcoin does it?

Good question and I have the answer for you:

First, try to buy at current prices in MXC, you will see that it is not possible, because it is operated by Bots.

The real price is that of Switcheo, there is a wall of fud with 52K that keeps the sale price below that order.

Your question should be who is the whale that is buying everything below that price, when you finish doing so the price will rise.

You can see that when the price near your order removes it and goes up, it is because it has a bot monitoring.

Who has money can do that, the real volume will be seen in a few weeks, when the actual NEX volume is 3 or 4M, this cannot happen.

While you can buy more, since these prices will not stay long …


But in order to buy someone needs to offer & sell at such low prices.

Some may be selling to go back into Neo if they were in since STO then they are still up in Neo.

how can u tell it is up compared to NEO? Neo rose much higher while Nex decreased in price

NEX initial price was around 0.053 Neo. Right now NEX price is 0.087 Neo on Switcheo, so it’s still up 64% against Neo since STO anyway.

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