Whitelist of trustworthy OTC escrow parties

Just a thought after reading the post of @BILLYBELT2018 : I can imagine that if you are new to OTC, it’s difficult to find a trustworthy party. Is it an idea to setup a list of trustworthy OTC escrow parties? I guess a lot of people here did it successfully already?

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I’m not sure having that on here would be a good thing. What if something went wrong at some point? If you search and look around enough, you will be able to find the best places. But even those groups can’t be fully trusted.

I’m talking about Telegram groups - not familiar with how OTC operations of companies work

I like your idea, but the rules here specifically prohibit the posting of links to OTC groups etc.

Likewise, you may not post information here that may assist or encourage illegal activity of other kinds. In particular, you may not post links to over-the-counter (OTC) groups or digital asset exchanges offering the Nash Exchange token (NEX) without a securities trading license, or in any way assist other users in obtaining Nash Exchange tokens via extra-legal means.

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I would prefer that people here compile a guideline of best practices. I gave two suggestions on the thread.

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