Which U.S states do/do not have approval to trade?

I know that Nash has gotten the approval from the U.S to be able to trade. However, if I remember correctly, it was mentioned this was a state-by-state case. Could the team please elaborate on which states currently have/don’t have the approval? Do you have any idea of how many states will have the approval by the time that Nash goes live?

P.S Nash Rules!

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I’m also interested in this, but I’m pretty sure they’re still hard at work trying to get as many states as possible in the one month period before the beta platform launches. It would be nice to have a tentative list to see, though.


i have people asking me about which state is currently approved to use NASH… i think NASH needs to share this info and we can help further spread this :slight_smile:

so, people from unapproved states, can only use nash with the daily limit ? and if they apply to kyc they will get rejected ? or they cant even use it with the daily limit ?

We will announce the state-by-state information once it is relevant (e.g., once we have launched the product). We are working very hard to get as many states as possible.


Good luck Ethan! Any law makers here should get in touch with u guys!