Which tokens or coins could benefit from Nash launch?

The Nash Exchange has completed beta testing. Europe’s first official registered Security Token. Now we are waiting for THE important launch announcement (between now and July 27th?).

Which Crypto assets will be listed on Nash. Which tokenized securities? On the Nash platform ERC20 en NEP5 will be listed. So all tokens running on the Neo en Ethereum Network could be listed as nep5/eth token, Neo and Eth as coin. What about Ont, Eos and Btc?

Could nOS (with application support for blockchain platform Ethereum, EOS, NEO, TRON for Nash?, Identity bridge for server-side applications to interact with cryptocurrencies) or another nep5 token benefit? If Ont get listed will there be listings of oep4 tokens( Movieblock(eth–>oep4) / PAX)? Would Nash use bridge protocol or TheKey?
Are you accumulating/watching at some projects that could benefit? Share your thougths!

Regarding BTC there is no open question other than “when?”. BTC support is already confirmed and expected to be the main priority after MVP launch.

NEO could benefit because of the former strong connection between founders and NEO. Plus a trusted exchange for its tokens will may bring benefits to the NEO economy as a whole.
Probably all NEP5s getting listed are likely to benefit from it. For nOS this is even more plausible because of the partnership granting exclusive rights.

ONT, EOS, TRON … I don’t think it would bring any benefit to speculate about potential benefits if the listing itself is pure speculation.

We are also talking about nash integrating all kinds of chains, EOS, BTC ,NEP-5, ERC…

Yes, still speculate. nOs development : nOS ; Application support for all popular blockchain platforms (Ethereum, EOS, NEO, TRON)

My guess is that the biggest impact will happen to the low cap projects, which aren’t listed on any major exchange at the moment. (AVA, GUARD)
Especially those, who can be connected to the Smart Economy, propagated by NEO. (nOS, LX)