Which token has legal opinion that it isnt a Security?

During the AMA yesterday with Ethan in the #MITBITCOINEXPO event…

What is the process for getting tokens listed on nash?

Ethan: “For us, we require a legal opinion from the people who want us to list their token, the reason for this is for say, for operating in the U.S. as we plan to do, and you have a token in our system that is a security, that is a big problem as we are not allowed to trade securities in the U.S. …Ether Delta ran into a similar issue not so long ago. So we take that part of it very seriously but beyond that we dont have too much in terms of a formal listing process.”

So, i would like to ask anyone if you guys know of any tokens that is already proved it isn’t a security? We should make a list here…and keep the team updated which token can be legally listed on nash!

great!! thank you. hope more people can chip in to this on their fav projects !!