Which Nex feature are you most looking forward to? 😀

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Nex will have many cool features…including Fiat gateways, Payment services, Intuitive Interface, Trading and Staking :trophy:

Which feature are you looking forward to most ? :smiley:

(Guardian Circle) #2

Fiat gateways. That’s my #1 feature (because I want a fiat gateway for our GUARD token asap). I also look forward to a next-gen NEON wallet integrated with NEX. I’m hopeful that it is indeed a super simple UI (NEON is indeed this now, but it is flaky – it ‘loses’ tokens randomly – to the grandma-level end user, it looks like their tokens vanished (even though they are still ‘there’ and re-appear later) – very poor experience, not acceptable for consumers).

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yes - I reckon the UI will be super slick and simple to use

(Guardian Circle) #4

I’ve seen screenshots on Twitter – it looks real good from what I’ve seen to date. Fingers crossed it feels as good using it as it looks :slight_smile:

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(Isunil) #5

Nex staking :smiley:

(Xen) #6

The easy/simple-to-use Intuitive interface (UI). :blush:

(Lhg) #7

Could you share those screenshots/tweets?


process for staking :wink:

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(Dilligaf) #9

Would love to see :nex_logo: in the payment options of an online store.
Right now i been having allot of trouble trying to pay with crypto.
Because you need to calculate the fee when you pay from funds on an exchange.
Plus the invoice mostly has a timer so by the time you find out you send too little you have to go email the store if you can get your crypto back.

(Rory) #10

Aside from staking, it’s definitely fiat gateways. Finding an on-ramp to buy certain crypto with fiat is a pain. I’d love to have a one-stop-shop for lack of a better term where I do everything I need.

Right now I have to buy in on one exchange and send it to another to change it to the coin/token I actually want and then send it to my actual wallet. Cutting down on these steps would be great.


Fiat onboarding. Right now you either onboard with a limited exchange with a handful of tokens or you don’t onboard at all. We need a place that’s simple to use. Also a mobile app. Mobile is always easier than being in front of a pc

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(Mega14) #12

Fiat enabled crypto purchases and the potential security token platform. Would be really interesting to see the different types of security tokens that are put on the exchange

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@Mega14 in a few years, we might see the new ‘security token’ model replace the old legacy ‘stocks and shares’ model

(Mega14) #14

@sharkie with the recent innovations (blockchain, AI,big data and IOT)) and ‘big money’ interest i believe this is a very real possibility and i hope NEX is at the forefront

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Nex could become the Nasdaq of the new world of finance :slightly_smiling_face:


This is going to happen in a few years, that’s why @ethan on October 1st in his official twitter account he uploaded a picture with Nasdaq in the background indicating that we are going for them :wink:

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@ethan @magic



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(pipi) #20

Fiat gateway and High volume !!

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yes - @NATENEX - re Fiat, do you know if stakers get fees from Fiat / crypto exchanges? (or only crypto/ crypto)

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