Which graph you like the most in Nash?

We want to hear back from our community, what is your preference in Nash ?

  • Standard chart
  • TradingView chart

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Standard chart:

TradingView chart:

Standard, but looks better with dark mode :wink:

Depends if I’m doing a quick check or analysis, the standard chart is good for a quick check or simple analysis but if I want to do something more complex the TradingView chart is better.

TLDR: I like having the option of both.


Standard chart still has the same issue (not linear speed of scrolling).
TradingView works fine.

Hard to tell as low volume makes it quite chaotic. I personally prefer the Standard chart, because it feels more embedded in the app. However I’m definitely not a day trader: I basically don’t use analysis tools.

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Please, remove that stroke effect from volume bars in Standard chart. It looks horrible (black instead of green or red).

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My exact thought process. Standard seems to ‘fit’ Nash better, imo.

well u got volume on the bottom with trading view … im accustomed to that… dont make me flag this post tho… im nearly getting a blue cap
so ud better like my response

I don’t understand this statement. You can have the volume shown at the bottom with standard chart aswell.

Given this is MVP and Nash is not yet profitable, I would stick with the Trading view chart in the medium term and focus the limed resources of the team elsewhere.

I agree that the standard chart looks better and feels more premium because it’s matches the styling of the exchange. However, in my view the current standard chart needs lots of work, has limited drawing/analysis functionality and the depth chart doesn’t make sense.

I assume that Nash pays Tradingview a fee for the rights to use their charts. I would have thought that the whole point of Nash integrating the Tradingview plug-in is to save time/money and avoid having to re-invent the wheel themselves.

Maybe just colour match the chart with the rest of the exchange to minimise any visual discrepancies.


im saying i saw the volume more clearly… do i need to repeat myself to a clearly very intelligent person …maybe i made a terrible mistake lol…

There are a few minor things that I don’t like about the standard view:

  • The candle information in the left upper corner is easier to read on the TradingView chart, because they use red and green next to the white letters (O, H, L, C).
  • I don’t like the font type that is used for the standard chart. It is not a fixed width font like on the TradingView chart. When you move your mouse over the chart and look at the price value on the right side, you see the numbers jump because the one (1) is smaller then the other numbers.
  • Most of the menu’s on the exchange need to be clicked before they open (which I like), but the menu’s in the standard chart open automatically when you hover above them. Please be consistent, because now I often close them directly because of clicking.
  • Just noticed that it seems that the exchange thinks you are idle when only using the charts. I got the message if I want to stay online while comparing the charts on two different tabs.
  • You have a lot more options in the TradingView chart. However, if I want to use indicators and other fancy stuff, I will go to TradingView itself.
  • I miss the 2h and 4h timeframes
  • there is no option to save my chart settings
  • the 25% 50% 75% 100% option should be constantly visible and not when I click on a field
  • password and 2FA before order should be optional
  • time logoff should also be optional (just log me out :sweat_smile:)
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Ok, just so I am not completely negative about the standard chart :sweat_smile:, I just found out that there is one BIG plus over the TradingView chart. The indicators include the Volume Profile option which you only get when you pay for TradingView. Several Youtubers use this indicators to determine support and resistance levels. (of course, volume is required to be of use)

However, you can never remove it again when it is on your chart because it is a vertical indicator with no configuration buttons :joy:


Did a 51% attack hit us? (see poll)

I mean: Where did the Standard chart go? :scream:

@canesin Did you guys remove it?
or did I not look closely enough?
Anyway that would mean that Trading view chart is now the default? :nauseated_face:

I think you are right. If so, then i don’t really mind at the moment. They can better put their resources in other development.

I’m not allergic to the Trading view chart, however:

  • I don’t understand why we can’t have both, since it was already implemented, like Binance
  • The default should be the less technical one (i.e. standard chart), like Binance

like Binance

As you can tell, my overall opinion is: why lose time reflecting on this when you can follow industry standards from industry giants like Binance. They spent time and money doing UX research on this stuff at some point, let’s just follow them.

In any case, it would have been nice from Nash team to post their conclusions here before implementing them :wink:

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We looked into the users preference, and reasoning for it. It was not clear that one graph was superior to the other besides integration. So we decided to focus on a single one where we can concentrate integration efforts and lower licensing costs.

On the longer term we agree we can do something in-house better than TV, is just not our focus or better use of resources right now.

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