Which country will have access to Nash Exchange at launch?

Hi guys,

We all knows 19 states in USA, EU, Canada will have access to Nash Exchange at launch but can you give us the whole picture of which country will have access to Nash Exchange please ?

South America ?..India ?..South Korea ?..

I believe that this Monday or Tuesday we will have the full initial list available in our support knowledge base, that is also receiving a facelift.


And exchange launch soon? :wink: Haha can’t wait. Good work so far from every team on the whole platform, I just can’t wait to see how it has all come together and to be a part of this new product!

Great !

Thank You Fabio

Hey @canesin hope you are doing good. Great Job on the exchange launch. I know you people have been working too hard to accomplish what you did today. The whole team deserves a pat on their back. Unfortunately, for me, today is the happiest and saddest day as well. Today the exchange launched and today i got to know that my country is entirely blocked from using the exchange. So, no staking for me. I’ve been an avid follower of NASH since it’s inception and it really is heart breaking for me that i can’t participate in your journey towards true decentralization. I know it’s not your fault that my country is entirely blocked from using the exchange :blush: but if you can tell me if there is a possibility of it being allowed at any time in future. If no, then i’ll move on. My country of residence is Pakistan. I’m a fan of this project and will stay so, but it’s curtains for me i guess if my country stays blocked. Good Luck in all your endeavors.


Here is the list Fabio talked about on our updated Zendesk:

Thanks. I know about this link because i came to know about my country blocked through this link.

canada doesn’t have access yet