Where to find my own ref link

Greetings everybody,
i just created my account on the Nash community and now im asking myself where i find the refferal code of my own acc. I read through the last threads about it and there it says that i should got it in my private messages but i i dont got any mails besides the welcome mail.

Hope someone can help me out with this.

/////// Found it

Where did you find it? I have the same problem!

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  1. Visit nash.io
  2. Sign in (if you already have an accout, if not sign up)
  3. Take the referral code that is display for you (underlined in the picture)

  1. Share your referral

Think you had to have an account registered before they sent the referral seeds.

Now you will need to get a referral code from someone else, since you registered after. You can use mine if you’d like.

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