Where to find clear description of how matching engine works? layers etc

i am writing an article for nash right now and i remember it being shared around…

i used to be able to find it…but i cant right now… can someone who know please share to me. thank you :grinning:

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You can find all our articles on our company blog, including the two recent pieces on the ME and the smart contracts: https://medium.com/nashsocial

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Hi Chris, is the DEX article still likely to be released this week? Thankyou

Thanks for asking. We’re aware how many people in the Community are looking forward to this article and are polishing it to make sure it meets your expectations. We would like to publish as soon as possible, which should be when the latest (expanded) draft has undergone another technical review. That could still be this week, but (as with the Exchange) we only want to release things when they are really ready.

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All good. I understand how lengthy the process can be going through checking iterations. And the expanded version will be worth the wait :slight_smile: Appreciate the work!