Where is the White Paper?

(Deepkam) #1

Dear Nash Community :smiley:

Today I felt like checking the White Paper again but couldn’t find it anywhere on the website!
Was it not included intentionally or overlooked?
I do understand that the new website explains most of the points that the White Paper does, but having it available for download is still important in my opinion.
Or is it there and I couldn’t find it, @canesin or anyone please advice.

Thank you

(Rory) #2

The team has transitioned from a “project” to a “company”. So no, the whitepaper is no longer on the website. You don’t see a whitepaper on Google or Amazon right?

That said, I have it downloaded if you want it. I can send you a download link.

(Deepkam) #3

You have got a point there.
I checked my files and found V1 only, could you send me V2 please. Thanks.

(Rory) #4

Sent you a PM.

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(Karum) #5

I’d like it too. My friends have a hard time believing NASH is a real project and when I told them to read the whitepaper, the joke was on me…

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(CryptoUK1) #6

You can get it here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190121162952if_/https://neonexchange.org/pdfs/whitepaper_v2.pdf

(Alex) #7

I understand how you feel. At this time there isn’t much to show-off. Over time this will hopefully naturally change. If your friends have seen the website, thats a good start. Its all about awareness right now. Trade. Pay. Invest.

If they hear from Nash again in couple months or even years later, thats were the magic might happen.

If you’re friends are not into it. Just ask what they think of the website. (Ask about colors, language, illustrations,… whatever they might be into the most. Even just ask ‘you think its real?’) Dont try to sell it too much. Let them have their opinion. Thats fine.
You’ve done a great job if they have visited the website and formed an opinion.


The only reason I can currently take this project serieus is because of the many interviews I’ve seen from teammembers, the fact the website is build with modern technology stack and from how team responds in this community… (and the project vision I can relate with)

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(Enigma) #8

Do you know why the Decentralized Banking section was removed on the whitepaper v2? Is it no longer a plan for Nash?

(FCC) #9

vision is still the same if not bigger.

(Mao Mao) #10

I like this phrase of yours

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