Where is the Invite user button?

(The Ron) #1

I would like to invite some friends to the NEX community, but I can’t seem to find the ‘Invite user’ button which is supposed to be on the user page? Anyone knows where it is?

(Nexwhale) #2

You need unlock member status first.

(Chris Fenwick) #3

“Member” status will not be available for a while (and will be re-named). Currently, we only have two user levels: NEXer and Power NEXer.

Whether we include user invites for the higher categories is yet to be decided. At present, there are no plans to open the Community to people who do not hold NEX tokens.

(Pascal) #4

Inviting others (off course they need to buy the amount of 1 NEX token) would be a way to get new users that are seriously interested!? That is the way you guys want to expand… How will we otherwise get ‘‘new members’’ in here?!?

To make that a step easier for new members…, wouldn’t it be possible to make an area where new members could purchase ‘‘1 NEX token’’?

(Oldsport) #5

I disagree. The goal is to interest quality users to the point that they are ready to invest in NEX. To do so, they will go on the NEX exchange and hopefully be interested enough to buy more than 1 :nex_logo: :wink: