Where is my private key?

Forgive me if this has been answered before, but I’m trying to sync a wallet I created in my nash extension with my neon wallet. Specifically I want to add this account to my neon wallet (not just log into it) and it appears to do that neon wallet asks for your private keys… I have my login, password, encrypted key and private key backup code… But no private key?

I tried using the private key backup code thinking maybe that was it, but the neon wallet does not accept that…

Any suggestions?

Thank you

Good question. As far as I know Neon wallet only allows to export encrypted keys for security reasons.

If you would like to import the wallet there is a workaround for that if you are a little technical…

Its the WIF (Wallet Import Format) that you need to enter in the ‘private key’ field of the import wallet screen in neon wallet.

To get the WIF you can sniff it using developer tools by setting a code breakpoint (for debugging / extracting the WIF during login)

  • View --> Toggle developer tools
  • Click on the sources tab
  • Select the bundle.js
  • click the {} icon to format the code (located where the searchfield is in the picture)
  • Now do ctrl-f to search the code
  • search for ‘get private’
  • Click on the linenumber above the result (it turns blue meaning a code breakpoint was set)

Now login like you would normally do using the encrypted key.
After you clicked the login button you should reach the point as shown in the screenshot…
The return value is the WIF. Use this when you import a wallet.

I did not try this with my NEX wallet. This is for demo purposes only. Do this at your own risk.
Demo using Neon Wallet version 2.2.1 (latest version at time of this post)

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If anyone knows an easier way. Let me know :wink:

I don’t quite understand what you mean about wanting to add the account to Neon, not just log in.

Accessing the wallet using the Encrypted key+password should then allow you to reveal the raw private key. That’s how it works on O3 wallet at least, available for mobile and desktop.

In neon wallet they allow you to open a wallet using private key, encrypted key or ledger. But to save the wallet (so it is locally stored I guess and you can just select it under “saved wallets”) it looks like you have to import it and you can only import it using the private key…

Ah alright. I’m always on mobile so have rarely used the Neon wallet. I’d suggest maybe using O3 to get access to private key if really needed


I appreciate the input, but this solution seems a little more complicated then I want to get… lol… I think using o3 wallet is the better work around… But thank you…

Gonna try this… thanx

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Then you can go to Neotracker and open the wallet with the Json file and have the private keys from there, I think it’s easier that way …

Isn’t that the encrypted key you pull from the JSON, not the private?

With the Json enter neotracker and go down, there you can see the private key

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Oh… I had no idea… good to know! Thanx


To open your wallet you can also use the json in switcheo

Little sidenote: if people still ask this question in 3 years from now, Nash has failed.
(I’m looking forward to the key-management soulution proposed by Nash)

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Dont generalize… there are always people who are lazy to find FAQ, have really slow understanding on things or are simply waiting for people to spoon feed them… so i disagree with u being generalizing the success of nash based on such event in the future.

The masses will judge. Based on users adoption