Where are the tutorials?

Hey guys,

You are probably working your asses off, but I truly think this one is important. With 4 days on the the ticker, did you guys thought of explanatory video’s for customers?

I know that after working so long on a project, all the steps must be quite self-explanatory for you. However, for new customers they won’t be, believe me. I still struggle with some concepts, like the safe word & colour etc. These type of functions are new for most customers, and therefor quite scary. I think it will do wonders for customer experience, and you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time if you would make tutorials, explaining the basic functions of the platform like:

The properties of the Nash wallet
The function of the safe word/colour
Basic functions of the Nash Exchange
How do the Nash wallet and Nash Exchange work together
How do the fiat on/off ramps work

As a customer, i’d rather be taken by the hand with a step-by-step video from a teammember instead of having to figure this out on my own. I expect you can save a lot of time (customer support/FAQ’s) if you’d invest some time into creating this material.

Did you guys have this covered?


PS: I couldn’t find the option to tag Clare/Fabio.


Hi @Nickstar007

Thank you for getting in touch! Yes, we have this covered! Many tutorials, guides and education material has been created but we have not released them as they include new designs.

Thanks for reaching out! You should be able to tag me by using the “@” before my name (@clare). Don’t hesitate to reach out.




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