When will nash officially come out of MVP stage

I thought with the end of referral giveaway, the exchange will be officially out of MVP stage and will be open for everyone to join without referral code. Did I miss something?

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Hm, i saw this nash comment here, maybe it helps : “NashPay MVP is planned for first half of the year.” so after mvp comes mvp…

The exchange is available to everyone without a referral code since Dec-18. General availability (GA) is based on fit not after some event happens, our users and partners have been asking about Bitcoin trading a lot so that is GA for us.

Regarding @BitSpencer comment, NashPay is different than Nash Exchange. The payments will enter in MVP on the first half, the exchange should be in GA during that time. Two different products, they only share some infrastructure but are at different maturities.


Every new product - NashPay for instance - will come out as an MVP, as Nash works in agile. Nothing wrong with that!

…it was not negative, after that mvp another follows, not more not less…

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