When to expect Nash Cash in the Netherlands?

Dear Nash, I see a lot of positive comments on Nash Cash here in the community, but I can’t use it in the Netherlands yet. Is there anything to mention about why that is and what a rough Nash Cash timeline would look like for your dutch users?


The team is not going to answer your question as they do not respond to regulatory issues.
However, as I posted last week in the Telegram, there is a decent chance that Nash is one of the 47 applicants for a license at “De Nederlandsche Bank” as mentioned in the article below.
So, answer to your question: I think around the end of november.

Mogelijk komen daar voor 21 november nog 47 andere registraties bij: zoveel bedrijven zijn in ieder geval begonnen aan het proces bij DNB


I live in the Netherlands to and I don’t understand why the government always trying to reinvent the wheel again.

The biggest scam is fiat(money) not Crypto!


Thnx vt0,…

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2/3 months, thats what the admins are saying.

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Well unfortunately we still have to wait. I did not get any news since my last message here.

Fabio said that new Nash Cash features will be introduced before EoY which will be followed by another more substantial update later on that will (among other things) introduce credit card payment.

There is not much the team can do on this matter, from my understanding the team applied for a license but the DNB is pretty slow. They should have approved/declined all the companies in November but they are pretty slow it seems. Also Nash applied for it and they didn’t have a business running at that point so they probably get reviewed after the already operating businesses.

“DNB heeft op 16 november 2020 aangegeven ernaar te streven om trajecten die niet voor 21 november zijn afgerond, maar waarin de aanvraag op korte termijn aan alle eisen zal voldoen, alsnog snel af te ronden”, schrijft de minister.


I’ve asked Nash support about this on December 3. Nash needs a special license from the DNB, I assume the one you talk about. They can’t give a timeline and will post an update on social media when there’s any progress…