When support - when community

Hi togehter

Reading through many posts in this community currently, there are a lot of topics like:
“I get an error message XYZ”
“I get a failure when I want to release my NEX”

Please guys let the support know about these issues instead of asking the community. Community members are not able to solve these. Let us focus on discussions and feedback here.
As soon as the problem is solved the topic is obsolete. This takes often only some hours or days…
Give the support team a chance to do their job.

What do you think about that?

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People will do that nevertheless. The community often response a lot quicker then support even though they cannot always help. When someone has an issue, they want to be heard and want to know if they are not alone in this.

I do sometimes miss response of support on this forum to reassure us like yesterday when parts of the exchange were down.


People post here so others can see the current issues with the exchange. Of course I contacted support, but first thing I did was come here to see if anyone else has a issue. Do you have a problem with free speech? Whats the forum here for?

I think we need special thread for current issues. It’s impossible to wait for several days for an answer from support (always a suggested solurion is not working).

yea , we do the same at work, first ask colleagues , did you see this issue and how did you fix, and then call support if it needs 1-1 assistance

I know what you mean. But I think it is not the correct way to outsource the support process to a community forum. Customers will receive technical support over the provided support process. Everything showen here is more on a discussion and feedback level.

For sure not. My posting has nothing to do with that.

In my option it is a community forum. Here we can get close to the nash team to discuss the further progress of the project and give the team feedback or requirements.