When liquidity? :-)

I have been a huge fan of nash since ico. I really love to start using the exchange, but liquidity is close to 0 :frowning: what are you guys planning to do, to fix the liquidity issue?

You probably noticed that NEO-USDC, ETH-USDC and NEO-ETH actually have reasonable liquidity, as you can find with a simple search in this forum we set to first experiment and optimize those markets. Now that we have demonstrated to be able to make this markets liquid we will start expanding to the other markets our setup and increasing more the competitiveness of prices. That should happen by the of the month. After that we will start to test our demand program.


Yes the markets seem to be working quite well, and I am quite happy with the user experience provided with the fiat on ramps - really happy to have one for Australia. Can you articulate on what your demand program is and how the community can assist in getting that up and running?

Hello, switcheo now has access to the liquidity pool of uniswap, kyberswap, bancor and 0x. Is that model not interesting for nash too?

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Good point.

All of those pools combined offer maybe $5M 24hr volume. It’s certainly a major boon for switcheo, but nothing groundbreaking. Switcheo made this move out of necessity – as soon as NEX is listed on Nash, their volume will likely plummet.

Either way, kudos to Switcheo on the development.

Hmm yes, good point @pplvee > https://coinmarketcap.com/de/exchanges/switcheo/ seems like 53% of volume is from the NEX. Anyone knows when NEX is listed?

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Well, maybe it’s my bad luck, but most of the time I am checking it’s nowhere as good as I’ve seen on twitter pics. Atm it’s back to not usable for me.
If you eliminate the <100 neo orders it’s even worse.


I can see my order in there :wink:

Lets be honest…the toughest thing to get is probably liquidity. Switcheo without Nex trading would be desperate. Everyone needs those market makers so competition is fierce. What they need is an awareness & acquisition campaign and convince (the “right”) people to switch to Nash. I believe many traders will once they know it will be more secure than a ledger nano, adding BTC & XRP pairs etc.