When launch?

(Watazooo) #1

When launch? Thats all I want to know… Its such a long time now since ICO and Neo is becoming more and more unrelevant and we are still waiting. It feels like an exit scam. Launch at the the next bull market and then runaway… We should launch now, spread the word, get some experience with the dex or nobody will take notice of it during the next bullrun…

(Trust Yourselves ) #2

I’ve flagged this post. @carla @canesin please remove this nonsense.

Edit: I’ll change my comment as this is a community that should support each other. @Watazooo please watch the most recent quarterly report on YouTube. You will see that the company is aiming to launch the exchange for roughly March 20th.

(Len) #3

Hey @Watazooo

I get your frustrations with the time it takes to launch although in life you can not plant seeds one day and the other day just pick the fruits it unfortunately just takes a little bit of time! And the vision of the nash team “only launch when ready” is really something I agree with… And we all should! We better prevent launching stuff before we’re ready (that happens a lot in the cryptospace) which causes most projects to fail.

Blockchain is here to stay and so is nash! We just have to be a little bit more patient right now even if it’s hard sometimes. :sunny: :nash_n:


(Sam) #4

I understand your frustration with the delays but it’s not in the hands of token holders to decide when things like this take place. If you don’t agree with what they are doing and are having doubts then the solution is to sell your tokens and get some peace of mind.

(Vt) #5

Also, don’t expect the cryptomarket bullrun to start so soon. May take longer than you think.

(FCC) #6

It has been 4 months and 8 days now since the sale. We don’t believe it is a long time for the platform we are building. Nobody is waiting anything, it will be launched when it is ready - bear market or not.

(Alex Forward) #7

FYI: There is no ‘next bullrun’ coming in the next couple years. I see no need to rush into launch. ICO tokens are registered as securities. I think this means we are actually protected by securities law. Sit back, relax and wait/collect more signals validating or disproving the Neonexchange prospectus

I would also like to encourage you to go to crunchbase.com to lookup some successful organizations you know today (Facebook, Stripe, Paypal,…)
Find out when their first funding took place and take note of the time elapsed until they became known to you… You might be surprises how long it took for most organizations to become as successful as they are today.

(Rory) #8

People might take you a little more seriously if you actually took the time to inform yourself with the information that is readily available (on this very forum at that!) instead of just coming in here and spouting off.

(Peter) #9


It’s only been 4 months since the team received public funds and the launch is projected to be in only another 2 months (of course, when ready). I’d say that’s great considering all the new developments we heard from the Q4 Quarterly Report event.

@Watazooo, NASH/NEX may be the only team that puts on these events to update investors at present. It’s extremely unfair to suggest an exit scam when Fabio and his team put in so much work to get the project where it is today and on top of this, make the time to meet investors face-to-face.

It’s a great community to be in and a great team to be backing so I hope you can gather a little more patience.

(Watazooo) #10

Well, maybe my words have been to harsh but I remember the delays for the token sale when everybody bought Neo for 60$ and in the end we got a Neo/Nex ratio around 18$. So I am patient since last May. So no, I dont really fear an exit scam but to lose all my invested money. But i am here for the Tech of course :slight_smile:

(Kelvin Fugara) #11

The Launch is not gonna make you save your money, if the wrong or unfinished product is launched, you will lose without hope of gaining back,If you are really going through each step, with all updates from the team, you wouldn’t be afraid of any loss.We are here as you are, and some us are ready to go with NashExchange to any Destiny.

(Peter) #12

It’s okay to be here for the money.

Anyone who has invested anything, ever, is in search of a return on investment (whether financial or philanthropic). I believe we’re all here for a better way to trade, pay and invest, whilst being able to profit from exchange fees.

Whilst it’s okay to be be critical, I think as a community we need to ensure it’s productive or constructive at the same time.

(Njb) #13

Exit scam? I cannot take a post seriously when it makes unsubstantiated and ill-informed comments. DYOR.