When Am I going to be able to buy btc using Nash fiat ramps?

Hi there is there any news when Washingtonians like me will be able to buy btc using fiat ramps or if it would be possible to do so. I try using the provider Nash has available in my area( Wire) but when it came to verify my informations, never enable me to do so, I provided my address, ssn, and all the requirements but never got the green light to buy btc. Is just disappointing. As much as I want to use the exchange at least to buy crypto is just not easy, I’m trying to get friends and family to do so but is just difficult to when there so many blocks on the way.


Trust me, you are far from the only one! Here in The Bahamas we have a similar issue except there are NO current options on Nash at all so still have to try and buy elsewhere.

I know the team is focused on EU/UK right now so hopefully once that has been clicking in place for awhile they will begin to expand it to other areas.