What's your situation?

To kick off this category of non-crypto related topics, I thought we could all share our current situation. This way we could also see how spread over the world our Nash community is!

I’ll start:

Where in the world are you?
France, near Paris.

Is your country/state under confinement?
Yes, we are only allowed to go outside with a document for specific reasons (work when remote is not an option, medical, etc). Also the date, time and address must be written on that document because we are only allowed to go outside for “fresh air” in limited conditions (not further than 1km away, not for too long). Overall people are abiding by it I think.

How are you living this weird experience?
I am lucky because I am in a house, so I can go outside as much as I want. Moreover I am with other members of my familly. However there are 2 young children in the house, one of which is my daughter, so I don’t get a lot of time to myself :grin:
On the work side, we are very used to work remotely - just like Nast team - so it’s not an issue at all! In terms of business, some churns related to the crisis of course :unamused:


Where in the world are you?
The middle east of the Netherlands.

Is your country/state under confinement?
Well, our president likes to call it a “soft lockdown”. Most stores are open, restaurants also, but not for sitting, they are allowed to give food to consume at your own house. We are still allowed to get visitors, 3 per house maximum. This is because our government doesn’t want to stop the virus, they want to spread it out over a longer time. Going out is also allowed, but super busy places can be closed if people start to form groups, and fines can be given if people continuesly ignore the 1.5m distance rule. They realise there’s no stopping the virus, so they kind of limit things instead of going for more stricter rules like most country’s close to us.

How are you living this weird experience?
I absolutely hate it. While i like to chat and be busy with managing servers, games, series, i actually love going out. Grabbing a movie, going to a zoo, going to theme parks or taking a swim. Unfortunately none of those things are possible right now, and that sucks.

I also worry about the economy. I totally understand saving lifes is important, but i am doubting if saving some elder lives will be worth the consequences. Perhaps this sounds really bad, but i fear if the economy stands still for too long, there will be so many jobless that governments can no longer support them, people get hungry, rebel, get into crime, suicide rates go up, and the way we live our spoiled lives(compared to very poor country’s) might be gone for quite some time.
But this is a discussion for a other topic, but i check the news every day and hope we can somehow not get into a nightmare scenario from this crisis.

EDIT: It’s also that you’re just sitting there at home, doing nothing. hearing about the horror in some country’s and waiting for the economy to get worse. Not knowing what to expect. We all know it will be bad, but not HOW bad exactly.


Where in the world are you?

Is your country/state under confinement?
Basically? We are told to social distance and only go out if you need to, but it’s not a full lock down. People are still technically allowed around 15 people in a place at once. You really are only supposed to go out if you NEED to.

How are you living this weird experience?
Mostly just playing games, finishing up my university classes, and coding in my spare time. Also lots of Netflix I can’t lie. Current games I have been enjoying are Animal Crossing, Rainbow Six Siege, and Rocket League. My life doesn’t change much, I am an introvert that stays indoor a lot of my time just playing games so im doing okay haha, I could do this for a while! I am just hoping I will still have a job in the future… Economy is bad.


Where in the world are you?

Germany / NRW

Is your country/state under confinement?

Yep. I am german so here we go:

Fines for violations of coronavirus rules in NRW: catalog lists administrative offenses

All other violations are to be punished as administrative offenses and to be fined according to the standard rate. These include:

Breach of hygiene rules in clinics, care facilities, medical facilities despite the presence of the necessary material - 2000 euros

Violation of the ban on visits (old people’s and nursing homes, hospitals) - 200 euros

Failure to observe protective measures and hygiene instruction in hospitals, nursing and medical facilities - 800 euros

Opening of cafeterias or cafeterias in such facilities - 2000 euros

Public events such as lectures or readings in these facilities - 400 euros

Operation of discotheque, bar, club, cinema, museum or other cultural institution, fitness or tanning salon, casino, betting office, brothel, etc., opening of animal parks, special markets or similar. - 2000 to 5000 euros

Admission of private customers to DIY and garden centers, flower shops without appropriate protective measures - 2000 euros

Organization of sporting events or gatherings - 1000 euros

Disregard of protective requirements in libraries - 1000 euros

Exceeding the number of people in pharmacies, medical supply stores, drugstores 500 to 1000 euros

Participation in sporting events or gatherings - 250 euros

Violation of the principle of contactless collection of ordered goods - 500 euros

Violation of the sales ban in stores with a mixed range - 2,000 euros

Breach of hygiene measures and distance rules in open businesses - 1000 euros

Provision of overnight offers - 4,000 euros

Operation of a catering facility that must be closed according to the regulation - 4,000 euros

Meetings and gatherings in public with more than two people who are not part of your own household - 200 euros

Picnic - 250 euros

Barbecue - 250 euros

Public gathering over 10 people: crime, fine or imprisonment up to 5 years

The rules apply to the first violation, and should be doubled in the event of subsequent or repeated violations.

How are you living this weird experience?

private: my gym is closed. I can not date anyone (food, cinema, entertainment …) but dating is still possible (and netflix, disney + and maxdome glow)

work: sales dropped by 2/3 (but we also deliver, so it could be much worse), but the first funds have been received and the required loans will probably go through. so all is well.


Where in the world are you?
I am living in Switzerland, 20 km distance to Zurich

Is your country/state under confinement?
Our Goverment tries to balance a bit between Economy and health…so we are not the country with the most strict rules. Still we have guidlines to not get together with more then 5 people and are asked to stay home whenever possible. Of course washing hands like crazzy is on the list as well.

How are you living this weird experience?
As school closed here we had some issues with our kids at the beginning. But I guess it is normal. Just a new situation. Now it works quite good. I spend my days playing table tennis, making barbecue or checking nash :slight_smile: acutally not to bad :slight_smile:


Where in the world are you?
Near Amsterdam in the Netherlands

Is your country/state under confinement?
Like Konijntje said. We are in soft lock-down which I personally think is better than a full lock-down, but people have to be disciplined and stick to certain rules.

How are you living this weird experience?
I work from home and when the weather is good I hop on my bike to get some exercise, but avoid busy places. I don’t invite anyone to come over at the moment which is a pity because I like to be with friends and family, but besides that I have enough hobbies to enjoy myself. However, I would rather get the virus now, stay in quarantine for two weeks and then get a stamp on my forehead that I am cured and get back to society without being a risk to others.


Oregon USA (originally Moldova)

It is but doesn’t feel like, only that masks are required in the stores and 6 feet. The rest I don’t feel the difference. Going outside is not a problem.

Nothing changed for me, I am considered as Essential Worker.
Also I am not even trying to explain to my 4 year old what is this thing with masks. I am afraid that will not explain it right and don’t want to damage his perception of freedom that he has :handshake: