What would you find useful?

Hey guys,

With the pivot in full motion, what kind of tools/apps would you find useful?

I’d thought i’d create a topic on this to gather some ideas.

For me personally i’d appreciate a tool/graph where you could see your received dividents, both total and split in the different income streams (l1,l2,fiat on-off ramps, earnings etc).

What would you like to see/use?

Kind regards, Nick


As stated in the previous topic;


What I would find useful are some presentations about Nash services so that EU based supporters of the project can promote Nash and onboard new users.

We will be releasing a new website soon. There is also our latest brochure:


Thanks Chris, could I send you guys translated text so I have the original presentation on my native language?

Should I use this brochure for introducing people to new services or some other materials? The presentations would commence in October so I am not in a hurry, just asking about the most appropriate and up to date material.

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I don’t think we have time to slot in translated text into the brochure. It’s also already a little out of date.

Hopefully the new website will be enticing enough for people. I don’t think people need a powerpoint to be sold Nash. We’ll add translations to the website as soon as we can.


Chris, what we are talking about here are people with no prior experience with crypto that we expect to entrust their savings in some crypto project. Now I know that due to the non-custodial nature of Nash services users don’t really entrust anything to anybody but I think people should be educated about that and various other benefits of Nash (benefits over using some other savings programs, introducing them to other services on Nash platform, etc).

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