What we want and need from our beta testers

Dear community,

If you have not joined already, very soon you will be joining our beta program. We have been fortunate to have so many investors eager to contribute, although some are not familiar with what it entitles. This may be the result of some misalignment, therefore, with this post I want to align what it means to be in a beta test for people that have never been involved in such before.

First: the traditional relationship is inverted, it is about testers working to help the company improve its product, not about the company servicing its users. So you should have zero expectations for us to supply your demand of a date for an iteration or specific deployment. There will be no support on this inverse setup. One of the things we want to see is how well users do on their own.

Second: It may be that the company fixes things with different priorities from your perspective. Feedback has to be weighted in and development prioritized. The fact that there isn’t a feature or fix in the next deployment doesn’t mean you have not been heard or it is not being deployed in a future iteration, being persistent about it will only frustrate you.

Last: Try to have fun, but be mindful! Being part of the development of something so innovative and that will be used by so many people is always a lot of fun but it also takes patience and effort. We will organize here topics and surveys to collect the feedback - spamming the forum with new topics for your feedback doesn’t help us deliver a better product.


1 - Equilibrium feedback: Exchange
2 - Equilibrium feedback: Funds management
3 - Equilibrium feedback: Login and account creation


Thank you @canesin for all the explanations and patience.


Happy to contribute in stage 2 or 3. I am really looking forward to. We as a community playing one of the biggest parts here. We can support the development of the potentially the best product on the market.

I hope you have also testers for your other target group such as “high frequency traders”, “instituional investors”, “asset & wealth manager”, “gateway partners”, “market makers” ,etc…

thanks for the great communication.


Cant wait to test the subgame version! I am sure the community will deliver.

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Thank you for the detailed post! I believe most of us here(include me) have not done Beta test, and therefore will have different thinking if doubts are not cleared because no other crypto projects that i know of has done what nash team has, with their strategic plans.

People would understand what nash team is doing after reading and understanding this post.

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Sweet! Keep up the hard work. We will do our best in testing the beta and provide you with hopefully insight feedback.

Great post! Hyped for what’s to come :smiley: