What types of coins / tokens can the Nex Wallet hold?

Quick question: What coins / tokens can the Nex wallet currently hold?
I am fairly sure it holds all NEO NEP-5 tokens etc? Anything else currently or in the future?

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Yes I’m curious about the answer to this question as well.

I can confirm that the NEX Chrome extension recognizes and holds $GUARD (although it’s missing our nice little lion head logo :slight_smile: ):


Its easy. Just click on the option - Tokens List (As shown in the pic).07%20AM

You’ll get a list of tokens that the extension currently supports. :slight_smile:

Yes, I can see that :slight_smile: all the Neo NEP -5 Tokens are listed there, even the most recent.
I wonder if it will hold anything else, such as other tokens that will be purchasable from launch or just after! I may of missed discussion on how this will be handled…

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Well, as and when new blockchains are added, I believe the extension will be updated. We may then find, for example in case of ETH, ERC-20 Address and supported tokens list. Nothing about the design or interface has been released yet. Will be exciting to see how the extension interface will handle multiple blockchains.
But from launch, the extension will obviously support all the tokens tradable on the exchange (Atleast I hope so :P).