What type of marketing strategy is Nash utilising?

We all know grassroots marketing is the most expensive yet most important. I heard they wanted to wait until they have a working product but my question would be why? Their branding video has a bit more than 5000 views in almost 30 days of which 90% probably come from this community.
I wish there would be more tweets coming from the team to create some buzz and recommendation marketing. Although I believe Nash team is great and has a nice following, I have seen a couple of exchanges fail because their digital marketing strategy pretty much sucked.

Hope this time it will be different but I dont see much grassroot marketing yet.

I believe fcc has answered this before to the effect of: We will go all in on marketing when the exchange is live so people can be converted immediately to customers, instead of seeing the marketing, realise they can’t use the exchange yet --> forget about it.

Yes but brand awareness is the 1st step in the marketing funnel. So i have to disagree with going all in at one point.

What @Waterfall said is true in terms of advertisement and campaigns.

All the hundreds of articles from CNN to Forbes, podcasts and etc are related to brand awareness. As is the white hair I get by traveling around so much. This Thursday I will be in a panel in Barcelona for brand awareness, we are focusing on the current blockchain users (the ~35M) in the first moment, as there is a good opportunity for us in current market conditions, after our offerings are as developed as we believe to be needed we will target on expanding the market itself.


White hair lol Charles Hoskinson must be George Clooney by now

I did some SEO analysis using MOZ to track your on/off-page success. It def has increased for Brasil/Germany and some other countries but was hoping for more views on your video. Looking forward to see more once Nash launches. @canesin would u mind checking your inbox…I tried to create some awareness myself :slight_smile:

Don’t worry Fabio, once the platform is up and running we can do some crowdfunding for some Men’s hair dye products.


As for the video, I believe it’s mainly used for the website landing page. They’ll likely have another one that’s meant for brand awareness once they have the working product(s).

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