What reasons i can provide to my friends to refer to Nash

My friends are asking for 5 reasons why to join Nash.

I said its decentralized, security token which provide dividends, trusted community, trading of security tokens in future and direct buy fiat to crypto in future.

anything i missed?

any technical points i can inform them about?

Our comprehensive article comparing the architecture of different cryptocurrency exchanges should be published next week. Keep watching our Twitter/Medium and you’ll have a lot of material to share soon :slight_smile:


Don’t forget about this one: https://nash.io/products/payments

Imagine Amazon would use the Nash payment service to pay for stuff :heart_eyes:

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The new Adyen :slight_smile:

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This will be great. This will be the go-to article.

I had this dicussion with a semi-crypto type person recently - my Dad, he cared about crytpo for about 5 mins at the top of the peak in Dec 2017. He was asking about “hows crytpo going” and I started telling them about adoption and NEX etc. He said, “look, I just find it all to complicated… I cant even remember how to use my ledger nano”

My response was, Nash will change all that. I will make it easy it use in all the ways that it has been difficult to use. Easy logging in, easy to get in/out to/from fiat, (eventually) usable and spendable to buy items on the internet (nash payments). It will make accessing, storing and using digital assets achievable by the regular guy on the street. And why does that matter, because bitcoin might become the internet currency.

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This is what we’re aiming for. A lot of work has gone into the article from multiple team members!

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Do you got a timeframe when this article will come?

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My preference is after Friday (when I get paid)

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any update about this article ? @chris.fenwick

Fabio said on Telegram it was with the copywriter, but he and Ethan want to sign off on it personally. However, they are both traveling to the MIT Conference so it won’t be til they get back next week.

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@omar @Yevin It’s gone through a final review and we are adding some last tweaks today. I hope Fabio and Ethan’s travel arrangements won’t affect their ability to sign off on it this week.


which telegram group ? can you give me a link ?

It’s not an official TG channel, there are no official ones. There are two unofficial channels in operation though, one is called Nash Exchange Community (https://t.me/NashSocial) and the other is the Nash Staking Syndicate (invite only so I can’t get a public link). The comments he made were in the Staking Syndicate.

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Thanks for the update Chris, here’s to hoping it comes out this week! :crossed_fingers: