What NASH will do to provide liquidity to the nex token holders


(Nirajhodler) #1

As Nex token is a security, each country has different set of rules to trade security. Will Nash provide a platform to trade nex tokens to the countries which were approved during fund raising?

(John Nash) #2

I can’t speak for the team and I do not have any specific knowledge on the matter, so this is just my opinion based on what I’ve read.

The Nash exchange is not licensed to trade securities yet but they are currently pursuing it - no firm date on approval can be offered but it could be Q2 (best case) or later. Once Nash is licensed, NEX will be tradeable on the Nash exchange in many (hopefully most) main locations, so you can buy it there.

The NEX token currently traded on a number on unlicensed exchanges. They are Tokok and Aphelion. It can also be bought via over the counter (OTC) Telegram groups – but I am not going to recommend any here. I have used both exchanges and they are fine. While selling NEX unlicensed must be illegal, it’s my guess that the exchange will bear the majority (pretty much all) of the consequences if they do come to bear. Regulators don’t really have the resources to pursue us little guys, just the exchange owner – but I’m only guessing.

If you are determined to own NEX now, the stop gap solution is to use an unregulated exchange until Nash receive approval to list their own NEX token and then buy on the Nash exchange.

Finally, I have read in places that Nash might eventually develop relationships with other licensed platforms to list each other’s tokens – but this will be a long term thing and will not happen before Nash have the licenses to list NEX themselves.

(Olu ) #3

Shouldn’t this make us ashamed of our so-called democracy?
We live in a world where it is easier for the common man to lay his hands on crack cocaine and alcohol than it is for him to invest his money wherever he pleases.
We should be standing up to these totalitarian laws and regulations, not surrendering to fate.

(Njb) #4

I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with buying NEX. It’s the sellers that need a trading license.