What is the Nash Ticket Referral Maximum?

Hi, I have collected a few referrals over time and was wondering how many of the 2nd base referrals will possibly become a ticket for myself? I was thinking until now it only goes for 1 direct + 1 indirect referral?

Please correct me if I am wrong.

There is no maximum for referral tickets!

Have a look at the explanation bellow, Maya can be any number of people, same for Lorenzo.


Ok, because it says 2 pending for direct & 1 pending for indirect. So I assume in this case I got 2 for Javier (direct) & 179 (indirect)?!

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@asus78 exactly

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Direct referrals give you two tickets. Indirect referrals give you one ticket. See the explanation on https://nash.io/referrals. All tickets have to be activated by the people who generated them (ie. the people you and your friends invited).

Based on the screenshot posted, the last friend (Javier M) has invited 179 people. You receive 2 tickets for inviting that person and 1 for each person they have invited.


Lets hope it will be worth it in December :pray:t2:

Clear explanation! Thanks