What is possible?

  1. Derivatives; will Nash need to create their own derivatives, futures, CFD’s, Options, Swaps etc. or can Nash list derivatives created by other platforms if they’re ERC20, NEP5 etc. or better still maybe both?

  2. Lending for yield; will users be able to add their funds to liquidity pools to contribute to liquidity on the exchange and/or allow traders to borrow for use as margin?

  3. Borrowing; will users be able to borrow from other users to speculate or trade on margin?

  4. Payments; how will payments be routed between users or the platform, for example if a user purchases goods from a merchant I understand that whatever the user uses to pay will be converted through the matching engine and delivered to the merchant in whichever currency they have specified for receiving payments. What about a user who wants to make a payment to a non-merchant user on Nash i.e. Alice has 1 Bitcoin in her trading contract and wants to send 0.5 BTC to Bob. Can Alice initiate an in channel payment to Bob without the need for using the matching engine while also removing the need to make the transaction on-chain or over the lightning network, if that is the case does Nash effectively become the lightning network for all (supported) chains?


Interesting last question!

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It’s timestamped regarding the last question ^^


Awesome, looks like Nash really could be the Lightning Network for all chains!

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man when this becomes a thing, buckle up ^^