What is nash team working on for the next 12-18 months?

Can we get some information on this? @canesin @ethan
whats your vision and to be achieved around this time frame??

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Don’t we already have a good idea of what the team would be working on during this time frame? This seems like a rhetorical question which you yourself can answer.
The team would be working to add more chains/tokens to the exchange and to launch Nash pay.
They’ll also be working on many other things which they have communicated previously in investor meetings and their Medium publications.
Just my thoughts


My crystal ball injected cingulate cortex tells me the team will be releasing iterations of the MVP to prepare for the grand-launch. This will take at approx. 6 months. After that, the team will take feedback and data from its users and work from there.

My diu terminus experientia tells me they will be spending good amount of time (re)writing documentation and probably hire a documentation-product-owner to manage it. Also after 12 months their first burned-out employee will receive a medal of honor to resign and buy a boat.

My AI tells me there is a 66.6667% chance all of the above will happen within your specified time-range.


Wish i had a crystal ball like yours…

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So that the launch might ultimately coincide with the end of the locking period of the NEX tokens held by the team/private investors/advisors since the ICO, so they can enjoy the pump (before the dump)? :money_mouth_face:

I dont think its a good place to talk about your thoughts about p&d stories here mate