What is cheapest way to buy or sell NEX?

Hi, I want to sell some NEX and it is very complicate and expensive to do that, is there any cheaper option?

Later would like to buy NEX but I do not like ETH fee and whole process about buying and selling NEX, it is too expensive, is there better option and when we will see NEX buying and selling on exchange?

Nex erc20 has open pool on UNI for the time being. Nex nep5 is available on Tokok only.
The fees are due to ETH and unfortunately Nash cannot control that, for the time being the fees are expensive.

Thanks, when we will see NEX buying and selling on exchange?

As you are aware Nex is a security token. For Nash to be able to list, they will need a security trading license, for the moment this is not a priority.

I am trying to sell some Nex now, it is converted to NEX (on ETH) , now trying to send it and it is say not enough money for fee and I have around 50$ in ETH, how much would I need to pay for NEX to send on Metamask (ETH network) than swap it for ETH and send it on Binance?

The fee on metamask to trade will be the same as on Nash. Nash is not charging more for trading from L1 wallet.

Do you know how much $ that is, because on Nash does not say, and as I said have around 50$, it say (Could not load fees. Not enough funds are available to execute this transaction) but there is no price of what fee is.

It does say, check the trading tab, after you select your pair. You will see the fee in the lower right. Download the mobile app here: nash.io/download

I did, now I am trying to trade NEX for ETH on mobile with trade option, and it say not enough ETH (and fee is 36$) but I have 55$ on Nash app wallet in ETH, it say something powered by 1inch , do I need to send ETH from Nash app wallet to my Metamask (ETH network) first to transaction work?

If you are using Nash wallet why would you want to transfer ETH to Metamask? Have more than listed there as you need more ETH after to transfer out. Best is to have 0.05 ETH in your wallet when trading or transferring.

And if I invested all in NEX and do not have extra 200$ to send in wallet than I can not trade? Is it possible for fee to reduce my NEX? Also I think you should make priority for security licence because this is nightmare (losing now almost 2h on how to swap NEX)

You will end up costing yourself more in trading fees + the extra network fees for transfering and trading through Metamask…

Just do your trade through the Nash app, they will execute your trade through the 1Inch Network and secure you the best rate!

Nash charges up to 0.4% per trade and as low as 0.1% if you have enough NEX staked.
Where as Metamask charges up to 0.875% per trade…

In regards to how much is enough ETH to keep in your personal wallet for the fees right now… that’s an Ethereum issue that never seems to get better…
I usually try to do my trades that require ETH when the network is not as congested,.now isn’t so bad compared to 48 hours ago, I paid a $75 fee for a trade! :flushed:
Wish I had of waited till now would of only paid a $35 fee

Problem is when I try to swap NEX it say ETH balance 0 and I have 56$ on ETH in Nash wallet.

You need ETH in your personal wallet and not trading wallet to interact with Dex. You can transfer on webapp . app.nash.io

How to transfer from trading wallet to personal wallet? Now trying to do that in app and exchange and can not find option for that.

On webapp, as stated above. Still to transfer from trading wallet to personal wallet, you need ETH in your private wallet.

I will only say OMG.

This way to move funds from trading to personal wallet is the same since Nash creation.
This is due to ETH SC. You can try other non custodian platforms, they all operate the same.

Is this ETH address for my personal wallet:


Do not want to transfer on my trade wallet.

If you took it from your wallet, yes, that is your personal ETH address. Seems you have 0 ETH in the wallet.