What I like about #Nash

I like Fabio and Ethan only because I see them the most. 
I like the sincerity that I see in you, the dedication that I can see in you. 
I also like your body language that is so simple and honest. 
Also I like that Fabio responds to my questions in the community. 
I like your anti hype approach, but #Nash is your baby and I can feel how Fabio defended #Nash in the last post with the much needed updates.
I like the dream, the vision.
I like your background and how smart you are.
I like that you are seen to others as experts in crypto space. 
I like that you give so much: trading reward for staking, starting the project with your own money even before ICO.
I like the filling of being in the team #Nash  

Thank you :handshake: