What happens when security tokens are negotiated when they are called DEX




(Ethan Fast) #4

EtherDelta was charged with unlicensed securities trading. This is why we have been working for a securities trading license.

(Olu ) #5

Absolutely! NEX has chosen the more rigorous path because you guys have clarity about where you want to see the company in 5 to 10 years. We in the NEX community appreciate this and I am sure many more will come to appreciate your vision and approach.

(Bunder) #6

Great Words @Olu :slight_smile:

(Alexandra) #7


NEX receives several bank licenses.


Sincerely, Alexa

(Nex Azure) #8

@Olu totally agree with you. If this vision will be recognized by more people, i’m sure that nex will achieve his goals.