What Happened To Community Private Beta?

(Rahil) #1

It was stated that NASH will be selecting few community members for private beta testing before public beta launch.

It was mentioned early March in the survey. Its already mid March any updates?

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(Mao Mao) #2

I think your answer is here…can search them in this forum on the first page.

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(Thomas) #3

My guess is that the private beta is rolled out since the beginning of march. Every participant signed a NDA, so they are not allowed to talk about it. When nash doesn’t tell anyone that the private testing already started, only the people participating know about it. So nash can check, if the participants full fill the NDA.

@MaoMao I think canesin talks about the roll out of the public beta not about the private beta. So 3 weeks after end of march the whole community should be in.

(Rahil) #4

Yeah i am talking about Private beta, not the public beta which is scheduled for 31st of March.
Private beta was promised in early march maybe @canesin will be able to provide some info.

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