What happened to all surveys from yesterday?

(Lukaskorba) #1

Just curious, yesterday somebody created a new topic with many surveys. Now it seems it’s gone. Was it against some rules? Therefore deleted?

(Bunder) #2

probably, yes, against the rules…

(Trust Yourselves ) #3

Yep. Fabio deleted the post. He said that they couldn’t allow surveying of members. I’ve asked what surveys are allowed. No response

I guess they wouldn’t want competitors seeing the data

I was mainly curious about the staking. Maybe that will be allowed

(Trust Yourselves ) #4

I’ve sent him a message asking can I do new polls just directly related to staking. Nothing personal

(Lukaskorba) #5

@Trust_Yourselves thanks for clarifying it… I sort of liked those polls but there is the point it might represents very valuable data…

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(Nicefox) #6

I agree, polling in community can be misused. Nash owns this community channel and the posts should follow the rules. There are few unofficial nash telegram groups, one can always do polling there or use their twitter polls.