What features are there from the start and what features are implemented along the way?

To have a good overview what to expect when Nash Exchange launches, it seems nice to have a little summary of what features the exchange starts with and what features we can expect in the foreseeable future. For me it’s not entirely clear what features we will have at launch. Let’s make a complete overview together:

USDC (from launch)
NEO (from launch)
ETH (from launch)
NEP-5 (from launch)
ERC-20 (from launch)
Cross-chain (from launch)
Staking contract (from launch)

BTC (Still to come)
NEX (Still to come)
LTC (Still to come)
RPX (Still to come)
Index funds (Still to come?)
Fiat Gateways (Still to come)
Security tokens (Still to come)
Tokenized stocks (Still to come)


Moon :

  • (from lunch)


  • (still to come :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?)

I thought fiat gateway will be available at the time launch!

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Guy, Why NEX won’t be listed from launch? I see some answers about adding NEX to coinmarketcap, but why we can’t trade NEX on nash from the start?

Because Nash Exchange (NEX) is a European security and we currently can’t establish a public market for it as that requires a specific license.

PS: fiat gateway system will be up at launch.


Fiat at launch. That is great news :slight_smile:

Any estimation as to when this license will be acquired? Pending this, will NEX tokens be available for trading in certain restricted markets/exchanges?

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