What does your portfolio look like and why?

Let’s put our portfolio’s rankings or holdings here and tell people why!
My holdings are:

  1. RLC. This is the native token of iExec that seeks to decentralise cloud computing. While it has downsides (cant be used for servers, games and stuff that requires low latency), it’s far ahead of any other cloud computing project in crypto with a brilliant code base and team. Marketing is mediocre though.

  2. NEX. Well, no need to mention what this coin does. :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. ETH. The only smart contract system that has good projects being build on top of it and includes decentralised finance that may become a top dog in crypto space. Together with plasma, staking and the amount of stuff being build on it, i’m quite bullish on it.

  4. NEO. It’s really fast, gives gas and it’s development could triumph over eth some day, although unlikely. Since it’s liked in china and the chinese president called to do more with blockchain development, i will keep a stack of neo.

  5. NANO. I love nano’s friendly techy and meme-loving community, and the technology behind nano is amazing and works. Unfortunately it has a LOT of competition and it doesn’t offer anything else besides being used as store of value/payments. It could replace bitcoin some day, but eh…highly likely not, i give eth more chance.

  6. BTC.


100% NEX. Because you don’t need to bet on the horses when you own the racetrack.

Bitcoin will grow exponentially in the future however the only option to cash in is to sell, with NEX you can cash in the dividends and retain the principle. I’m betting Nash grows along with Bitcoin, if I’m wrong I’ll wish I had stuck with BTC.


50% BTC
48% NEX
2% ETH

1% shitcoins that failed

Same here, 100% i NASH money making machine :smiley:

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BTC: Every crypto investor should at least hold some Bitcoin
ETH: To big to fail
XRP: One of the few assets that is really being used. Ripple has a lot of connections and is growing steadily. And Brad Garlinghouse knows how to sell the product.
ADA: Cardano has big potential and Charles Hoskinson rocks.
NEX, NEO and ONT: I like staking!
USDC/USDT: Ready to catch some lower prices.

Bitcoin: I bet on the “digital gold” scenario, as I am invested in precious metal too, I know how difficult it is to invest in this asset class… And in these times of uncertainty, gold and silver are impossible to acquire. And I think it will push a lot of people wanting to protect their wealth toward BTC. This is my main hodl because I don’t expect a massive Alts bull run before ATH are breach.

NEX: It’s the most amazing project I’ve found. Long term investment for sure!

ETH: many connections with big companies through EEA.

Hedera Hashgraph: I don’t bet everything on blockchain, and Hedera has a lot of potential hype