What are your expectations for monthly volume when Nash launches?

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@canesin is it against community site rules for an Augur market based on monthly volume to be created and have a link posted here?

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I wonder if the total monthly volume is accurate to calculate staking profits. Because there are no fees for market making. Thus no gains from this volume isn’t it ? If 60% of Nash volume comes from market makers. We can only account 40% of the volume for profit calculation.
Makes sense or not ? Anyone knows the typical maker/taker ratio ?


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@elliptic.curve no, feel free to do that.

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All the volume must have a taker. You can’t have volume without taker, otherwise it would just be maker orders listed in the order book.

If there would also be maker fees, the fees collected would be volume times taker fee. + volume times maker fee.

So, in the case of Nash, it’s just volume times taker fee.


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If Nash exchange is easy to use, fast and similiar/better (deliver promises) than existing it will have tons of volume. Well look at what happened to almoust every exchange out there, hacks, unable to withdrawl for days… and binance recent P/D 's are awefull… Crypto cries for something real/legit…


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With all these CEX closing down and getting hacked, people are looking for a Secure and Legitimate Exchange to do their Trading. Nash will have timed their Launch perfectly if it launches in the next couple of months. The Volume will be enormous once people learn about Nash.


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Yes. I learned that timing is a primary success factor for startups. :slight_smile:
Pursuing full compliance helps here. As legal is a big driver for adoption…

If your product is available within 12-24 months of the perfectly ripe market conditions and you have delivered a best in breed solution with a significant price-performance advantage versus alternative solution, you have executed with very good timing.


Timing to market
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JP Morgan says that for now, the only crypto startup they’d be willing to invest in is Bakkt. I hope they realize that Nash is safe, super efficient and meets the highest regulatory standards.
Looking forward to nash launching :sunglasses:


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This is a very underrated organic marketing play. Good idea!


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Bakkt is not a start up. Its parent company is the Intercontinental Exchange. They own the New York Stock Exchange and a bunch of others around the world. They are the Apple of phones. If institutions will get into bitcoin/crypto etc it will be via Bakkt and only Bakkt, at least for now and for a long time to come.


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Dude, you are funny. You mean, if a serial entrepreneur starts a new business it is wrong to call it a startup?

And why do you speak with such certainty about what institutional investors will do? You don’t know. No one knows.
I am hoping that pretty soon, they’ll find Nash a perfect fit for business.


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Bakkt was formed with the purpose of catering to institutions. They are not a start up, not entrepreneur-ing, just extending exisitng capabilities based on their core compentatcies (operating excahnges).

Bakkt is a subsidiary of the Intercontinental Exchange. And they didn’t just decide to cobble an exchange together and throw the door open to institutions and hope for the best.

They had the all the big clients in their back pocket before even announcing the exisitance of the company. Also worked hand in hand with the regulators from the start. The CEO of Bakkt is married to the CEO of ICE and have been setting up and operating the biggest exchanges in the world for many years. These are the guys that know all the CEOs on Wall Street by name and deal with on a day to day basis - have established and trusted relationships with.

JP Morgan came out just in the last day and said if they seek exposure to crypto assets it will be via Bakkt. These big wigs all roll together and it’s a closed game. This is just my opinion obviously but if you read about who is running Bakkt and their expertise and current clients, Bakkt are basically the guys the institutions have been waiting for to get the show on the road.

For sure institutions might be attracted to Nash. I hope their are. But Bakkt have a head start is all I’m saying

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As of my understanding, the fees which should be going towards dividends when staking DO NOT include fees collected from FIAT to CRYPTO trading, but only for CRYPTO to CRYPTO. Can someone confirm if this is the case?


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When the exchange launches, all fiat will be handled by the third party providers, so none of those fees will be collected by Nash. In future when Nash has the necessary licenses to hold our fiat and offer fiat pairs, then fees will be collected and go towards dividends.

Explained fully in this thread… Trading Pairs - EUR, USD, etc

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