What about AMA with the public on the next Quarter meetup?

Its been a few meet ups that we have done with the community and because NEX is not purchasable in most exchanges at the moment, making it difficult to obtain NEX token to join this community.

I have seen some people who doesnt have tokens asking questions in the unofficial reddit hoping for answers and he isnt able to do so here due to him not having NEX token at the moment.

Will nash team open the AMA with the public, such as reddit AMA so more people who doesnt have the token can ask questions and they can understand more about what is really going on here?

This is because i feel only having this community for questions is somewhat limiting your thoughts from the mass public and also limiting interests out there.

This brings out to the question to, how can we be more open to the public? in what ways can nash bring more interest to the public?

I also suggest you could open this community to users who have let’s say $100 (of selected coins or all coins ) in the nash funds management or have completed FULL KYC for example, not limiting to just holding NEX.


Our quarterly report events are designed to give updates to Nash investors. We hence prefer to accept questions from the Community, although anybody is free to attend and ask something from the audience.

It’s also possible for anyone to read the Community and search for answers to questions, even if they don’t hold NEX. All common questions have already been answered here. Opening the Community would more likely lead to an influx of trolls and repetitive questions – exactly what we sought to avoid by not having an official Telegram channel.

We can assure you that Nash has a number of strategies for bringing our platform to the general public when the time is right! The Community and our report events are primarily to communicate with investors and anyone else interested in looking in. Other initiatives targeting new users will follow.


Carla, I understand (or suppose) that you are adjusting the details for the launch, that’s why not publish the T1 2019 report here.

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Yes, thanks for your clarifications, I was able to read the report because I received it outside of this community.

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