What about a tipbot?

Wouldnt it be cool to have a wide compatible tipbot for reddit, twitter, telegram and discord to easily tip NEX to users?
Perhaps it can even be done using the non custodial fashion of nex? (That if someone doesnt have a account yet, the bot will keep the amount reserved for when a user registers under the username where active. There is probably an api to make sure someone owns a account)

This way, people could tip nex to someone even if they did not hear about nash.
It would grow the community for sure, and is nice to reward people for effort into doing something good for Nash.

I don’t think this is a good idea.
NEX is a security and use-cases like this really discredit the value of NEX in a big way. I’ve never seen a tipbot where you can get Apple or Amazon stocks.
Just my opinion.

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Everyone their opinion. Stocks arent crypto, and while nex is a security, it is still a crypto neo token as well. Holders are free to transact nex with one another.