What a great time for Nash to be creating exactly whats needed in the space!

I just want to point out the great timing Nash is developing its fintech company the right way through a very smart approach,

Regulatory path which most company try to avoid
The some sort of bullmarket we have at the moment
The non custodian solutions
Revolutionary matching engine tech
The profit sharing mechanism through staking and the low amount of tokens created
A simple to use product for any level of experience retailer and or business
The open source approach for developers
The naturally implemented security features
A great team putting al this together
and last but not least a great community behind their ideas

Im also still mind blown by the fact they managed to get al these different blockchains including the non nep and erc20 token chains like btc ltc ect to match and verify x- amout of transactions/trades per second in a decentralized environment.

Im very excited about the Q2 updates and don’t care when launch, they will get their sooner than later. Its what I been waiting for for 7years, keep up the good work and if anyone has more to add please do! Lets Nash this…


Thanks for the words @COINDER , we are working hard to bring more innovation to the market than companies much older, bigger and better funded have done. I would only disagree with the lack of care for launch timing, :sweat_smile: … we do care a lot, timing is a important factor - especially with regulations tightening with the competition. With the important caveat that we are also responsible to guarantee a good experience to our early adopters.

Your comment must have been prompted by the same reason I have received so many messages yesterday: editing a topic so it was consistent with what was in the 2019Q1 report Q&A section. I did so after being warned about such inconsistency by a great community member in regard to a reply on Twitter. That was interpreted as a time-line change, however as we have repeated so many times our time-lines have not changed since last report and we are working hard internally to define exact dates to communicate, we will update those in the next quarterly report. When we update expected deliveries we will do in broad form across our channels.

I think that one of the most important components of Nash that you have listed is the community, we know that the use of the extension to talk in this forum is limiting on the participation of other NEX holders but unfortunately we have not had yet the opportunity to divert developers to work on integrating it with the new authentication system. Improving the support and easy of participation for the community members will be one of our priorities after MVP.


Hi Fabio @canesin . I know that the Q2 report is unfortunately not broadcast live, but would it be possible to upload the video on the same day? I’m just so excited and unfortunately can not be live on site. :blush::sunglasses:

Unfortunately I don’t believe same day will be possible. This meetings are not only a get together with investors but also a very important opportunity for new hires of the company to meet some of their peers, so on the remainder of Saturday the team will be busy. Since the team will fly out of Boston on Sunday I would expect the recording to come online at best only on Monday. Rest assured that we will be live Instagraming so for people just so exited they will be able to follow.