Wen's gender - no one cares!

Ethan’s clarification is spot on and it has also been an opportunity for me to broaden my view on the topic! Now on to more important things.


Agreed. That should be the least of their worries rn

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It’s not like they’ve spent hours on this. It’s just their choice to have it this way, don’t get too emotional.

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I would not interpret too much out of that tweet, Olu. And it surely was not meant to be philosophical. But I want to comment two things here:

  1. It was Ethans private twitter account. He may tweet whatever he wants.
  2. I like companies that transport and articulate values. NEX stands for a global team working together regardless of origin, sex, or orientation. If you ask me, I want to see NEX standing up these values and it will surely get more important to have a political say, the more the company matures and grows.

Lastly: I thought the idea of Wen was cute. Just my two satoshis. Last week, a reputable scientific magazine (the “New Scientist”) published a piece about moons surrounding moons. And it caused huge debates, whether they should be just called moonmoons, since there is no name for that phenomenon, yet. Humans seem to like talking about naming things that they encounter or create.


We will not engage in social or political discussions and this is not something we seek to promote on this forum. After Ethan has had the opportunity to reply this topic will be locked.

NEX values individuals and diversity. By promoting our employees’ individual freedom, our company can achieve excellence in everything we do. You should expect that everything produced by NEX is held to our high standards of excellence, including the bot name. However, replying to this thread has already taken up more time than naming Wen. This is the attitude we promote internally: we get things done, rather than just talk about them.

By respecting individual freedoms we hope to bring borderless financial services to a global user base. These are our company values, and I am sure Ethan was proud that the NEX marketing team could reflect them. I believe that is why he made a comment from his personal Twitter account.


@Olu I think I have not seen any problem with the Tweet, it was his personal Tweeter Account, and he took his time appreciating the NEX marketing Team. and I think at this point of NEX Development, there are so many things to Discuss about, and not focusing on Technical criticism of words spoken or tweeted by NEX Team.

Whatever the New topic you want to initiate,just think how it will contribute to the positive growth of the NEX community. and there are leaders in every community, in here, the founders are our leaders, they make mistakes, we find the way to communicate with them and not necessarily in public channel( Because when we talk about NEX we talk about the Team of Founders and Vice versa) .Thanks @canesin I appreciate the last paragraph of your writing.

@BaClaire please do not see my comment as a harsh criticism of anyone. I have so much love and respect for this team. This is nothing at all and the team is handling it with so much maturity. To be honest, we shouldn’t waste any more time on this topic. :sunglasses:

@Kajetan it is a bit disturbing that you think a tech company should aspire to have a ‘political say’. Thankfully, the team has no interest in politics.

@canesin thank you for your reply. very reassuring to hear that NEX will not be used to push social and political discussions or agendas. I am delighted that your values include respecting individual freedoms. Also very pleased to note that in addition to diversity, you uphold excellence and competence.

Already, NEX has maintained a most ethical and exemplary standard in this nascent and unregulated industry. I have the highest respect for you, Ethan and the rest of the team :pray:t5:

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I think they can share whatever they want with their personal account.

Thanks @olu it is well understood now, cheers!

Hey everyone, I’m surprised this issue has attracted so much attention. @canesin does a great job summing up my thought process, but let me repeat it here:

  • The tweet was from my personal twitter account, and any political message you want to draw from that should be attached to me and not the company.
  • I tweeted about this because I am very proud of our marketing team’s attention to detail over even the smallest matters. Creating identities for non-human agents is a super common problem among people who build conversational AI, and our marketing team handled it brilliantly. Bots are not human and have no gender – so why do people so often give them gender identities? I have some previous history with this idea in my past PhD work which is a large part of why I tweeted about it.
  • This does not mean that the marketing team spent a lot of time deciding Wen’s name or gender. We have already spent far more time on this specific discussion, for example.
  • Wen’s name is a small example of how NEX values inclusiveness, diversity, and individual freedom. All of these are necessary when you are a global team with many different backgrounds and want to reach a global market.

I’m glad our community is able to have a measured conversation about this. It speaks to the quality of everyone involved with NEX.


I’m with you @ethan , this shouldn’t even attract attention :man_facepalming: of all the things we could be discussing…this is the topic of choice lol.