Well done Nash team. I can now easily on board friends and family with Revolut!

This is so awesome cannot wait for people to discover Nash. This was so easy I have a few comments about it though but not sure where to put them.

Thank you Nash :heart:


On this thread would be a good place to post your comments :+1:

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@Oldsport to be honest it was that seamless i don’t have many :joy: the one that got me though was the fact it says Revolut UK and Revolut EU not sure what the different is.

But I basically ended up trying the UK one first, thinking that since I am from the UK it’d be that one but when I did the transaction it didn’t work. What I needed to do was choose the EU one which makes sense since i convert my GBP to EUR in Revolut and then send from my EUR Revolut account to Nash (the app did all this for me in, didn’t need to fill anything in which was awesome).

Also I know Nash are adding more banks but family and people at work use Monzo. Seems quite popular so could be worth adding if possible.


Great feedback, thanks! I have to say I scratched my head for a few seconds there too :grin:

If you are in the UK and have GBP, but ended up using Revolut EU, then I wonder who needs to use Revolut UK! (I have EUR and live in the EU, so it made more sense that I use Revolut EU).

As for covering Monzo, new banks will be gradually added to the list. See this answer from Kellogg on Twitter:



Maybe it’s for when they support GBP but for now it seems redundant and may add some confusion to users.

Not the end of the world but making things easy without any hiccups i guess is what Nash is after.


Just test it with revolut, smoother than before, fast and perfect will say !!! really good job !


Well done team :relaxed::+1:

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