Welcome to nash community!

(Len) #1

Goodmorning :nash_n:ashers,

This is the first time that I have seen the new logo within the community and I’d say that I am quite excited for it.
We’re close to a lot of events and every day closer to launch, I get more driven every day to make nash succeed!

A lot of company’s are starting to be more open to blockchain, a Dutch bank even released a trial app for an BTC wallet. Although I would never use that.
Source: https://bitcoinist.com/abn-amro-trials-bitcoin-wallet/

I would love to philosophize with everybody about their share in nash. I’m a born artist, salesman and a big fan of technology and efficiency. That’s how I got involved with blockchain at first. I also love sustainanbillity what all comes to efficiency in the end.
I will try to contribute in as many ways as possible and assist where needed. We all came here to build a better and safer future for the way we trade and use the blockchain.

Without pain no gain! I think it’s safe to say that in 25 years we will look back at this time, thinking how could we ever have lived without this. And the same goes for mobile phones, the internet, tv… This goes beyond something we can fully understand now, and developing takes time.

Let me know what your view is and what you would like to contribute, I hope I do not sound like a complete fool right now haha. Thanks for reading and peace out! :peace_symbol:


P.s. Maybe some feedback for the future, may be handy to redirect c. nash .io to the community instead of community. nash. io to make it more and quickly accessible?_ Who thinks that will work as well please let me know!

(Behind You) #2

In addition I feel like it’s cruchial for nash to have a trustworthy domain. Yes, for me .io is not a problem but I’m not the key user or group that is supposed to bring a big volume to the exchange.

www.nash.com would be the standard. It’s currently owned by someone (site under construction) but shouldn’t be too difficult to get the domain. In addition we’re quite a community that can annoy the s. out of the owner. He probably doesn’t want to deal with DDos attax and countless bad reviews. Just saing.

(Len) #3

Haha I don’t think that DDossing the **** out of his servers will be good for nash and us as a communnity although I agree that he should sell us the domain for a fair price!

Quoting @canesin here

They have already spend $29k on acquiring the nash.io domain. Which I already find a very high price for a four letter .io domain.

Which was in ownership of a fellow programmer with the identical last name. For that amount I would drop my domain name too. I’d like to know how they got to that price point if they would like to shed some more light on that?

Wayback machine shows there’s not a lot of life on the page before 2018. Whois:

Created on 2014-11-04 so the domain has been registered for a longer time.

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