We’re live and happy to be using Nash Link on Crypto Warzone

Some of you may have voted in the poll I posted awhile ago, well Crypto Warzone has now been approved to use Nash Link and we’re ready.

First off I’d like to say thanks to Nash support staff especially Oli in help getting me setup on Nash Link. I welcome everyone to checkout our site at https://cryptowarzone.com (feedback on the site would also be appreciated), am not asking you to buy a hoodie although that’d be great to help kickstart this endeavour. But It’d be greatly appreciated if we could get a follow on either Instagram or Twitter. Or even both.

Don’t worry we won’t be constantly shilling the hoodies on here or social media channels but aim to help newcomers understand crypto.

Our first design is very simple and well it’s really just the Bitcoin symbol, however we hope to incorporate our logo into the next design, maybe even get the Nash logo on (if were allowed), could be something like either of these:


Congrats and best of luck with your project. I’ll be sure to recommend it and hopefully send a few customers your way.


Keep us posted on your experience with Link – I’m sure everyone here would be very interested in hearing your thoughts. Kudos on the launch, congrats! :balloon::confetti_ball:


looks cool…gratulations !!! Maybe a nice Idea to create some Hoodies with Nash Logo…but no idea if you are allowed to…