We believe nOS will help create liquidity while using the nash exchange in their nOS client!

Hello Friends,
As you may all know, nOS is a NEO project that has created an open internet browser. While using their nOSclient you have access to all the dApps built, your NEO wallet and of course our nash exchange.
Now gamers will soon be arriving to play their new multiplayer blockchain game and upcoming dApps launching on the nOSplatform. We will see continuous transactions thru our exchange as nOs will be using nash in the background to allow gamers to seamlessly play all the dApps while not having to hold each separate token for each dApp. As gamers earn daily rewards from each dApp the players will be able to cash in or trade directly for the token of their choice thru our nash exchange using the automatic conversion system created. And this can happen all right in the nOS client. We think this is Outstanding! You will be able to play each dApp without having to hold each token for each dApp all because of the matching engine nash created. What are your thoughts on nOS and what their dApp usage will bring to our nash exchange? The more transactions created the more dividends we make!!! RIght???

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