We are now over 12k in BTC!

Bitcoin is back and running! The thought of nash having BTC chain trading makes me so excited. Please implement it soon :slight_smile:


crazy thing is, nash has been outpreforming btc… crazy eh? Take some profit people (I’ve yet to sell any nash though).

@cammofunk do you realise that most of us (at least I hope) are not here for short trading or taking profit so early? Once you sell you might never get back

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Fair enough

I am also here for the long-haul, I just leverage/day trade 25% of my portfolio. In my opinion taking small profits on the way up is a great thing to do, to each their own.

That’s true, because you don’t want to buy back higher… and nash is from now on, only rising, like rocket to the moon ! :rocket::new_moon_with_face:

taking profit is always a good idea.


I forgot that at the end of 2017 :face_with_thermometer:

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me too, gotta learn from those

Be careful guys, it could well be short squeezes by Bifinex, BitMex and the likes - trade safely!