We are looking for US users that tried the fiat ramps


We are looking for users in US that have tried the fiat ramps, we wanted to conduct some interviews for feedback on it. Feel free to DM me to organize this!

(If you know someone that tried but is not in the community feel free to connect me by sending the contact info also)



Sadly I am not one of them, but just wanted to say that it’s nice too see that you are taking the user experience that serious. :+1:


hello @canesin , I am a fervent follower of nash, I have been from the beginning in this story and I identify so much with nash, that it seems that it was part of me. I’m interested in the theme of fiat ramps.
I would like to know if it is possible that many of us who own token of nex, maybe we could provide services for buying and selling cryptocurrencies based on nash?
Everything could be possible if we can create a legal company in each country where Nash does not have a business partner, for example in Latin America there are not many purchase options. but the people that are in this community could somehow be nash business partners in case you can devise a business plan that facilitates and encourages the entrepreneurship of your community. For example, I could put my token as a guarantee if I am a partner to provide buying and selling services. We could also have an ambassador program in each country, this in order to represent nash and attract members to use our platform. in short there are a lot of opportunities in which you as a company could plan and facilitate so that many of us here can officially represent nash in our region.
I am interested in knowing in more detail how the business partner service works, I really consider myself an entrepreneur. Many of them here may also call attention to this issue. the world is changing and we must not be spectators, we must be part of the act.
Maybe we could see something like the following image in the future:


Hey I appreciate the enthusiasm and if someone’s willing to take you up on that then great but what you’re proposing is ridiculous…

I really like your initiative :slight_smile:

It is not a final proposal, it is a brainstorm, it is to find a way to contribute to the development of nash in each country. I see things in one way and you in another.
remember this. “Only those who try the absurd can achieve the impossible”
If it seems ridiculous to others and we decide to take the risk, we have already achieved something impossible, since when we look beyond others without being afraid of anything, we have overcome the greatest obstacle of all.:nash_token:

were stuck with payment providers converting to fiat im afraid…until a time comes when retailers and customers use integrated (USD-C) wallets… Or the next wave when banking integrate their accounting systems with blockchain. man imagine instantly redeeming any blockchain transaction to paper tokens

i see my linked bank account is active now, will give a try this weekend. I want to compare the difference with coinbase , lol


Looking forward to your feedback!

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total price is almost similar to coinbase because eth price showed few dollars less in coinbase but higher fees like 4$… Arrival time of eth 2-5 days. guaranteed rate for 4 minutes, thats interesting, this makes life a bit easy.

I did not see an option to setup debit card or wire transfer, hoping that will allow instant purchase of eth… on another note, I am just hoping if there was an option to buy bitcoin directly like this (even if that means providing users external bitcoin wallet)