Watch Only Mobile App Feature

Hello, I just wanted to share a feature idea that what I’d really love to see implemented in the Nash Mobile app: Watch Mode.

The vast majority of the time I open my app is to check on account balances, staking, etc : but NOT to trade or interact with the assets (trading is unavailable in my region :confused: ). Its a bit more tedious than I think it needs to be to do this: there could be a feature where, if enabled by the user, they can open the app with biometrics (no password or auth code required) to a “watch only” version of the app. No ability to interact with the assets, use fiat ramps, change security or other settings, or to view private key/seed phrases. Simply to view account balances.

If payments on Nash are ever to take off, I think this would be an important feature anyway. If I receive a payment from someone to my Nash account, right now to verify the payment I have to open the app, type password, exit app and open authenticator, copy code, switch back to Nash app and enter code – all to just verify that the payment was made. I have to do this every time I receive a payment from someone (unless I keep Nash app open and active).

So I think aside from being a convenient feature for the casual user like myself, it would serve a functional purpose for the user experience.

As always, thanks for listening


I agree with you to a certain extent.

One thing though: the only reason you’d have to re-enter your 2FA everytime should be if you manually log out of the app. I use the biometric verification to open the app (pretty sure it works with a pin too) and I almost never have to enter my 2FA.


I just logged in, closed the app and re-opened it to try out as you suggest. It required my auth key both times for me. I’m on the android app, dunno if its different on the iphone. Or maybe there’s some setting I need to change, I’ll have to look.

I think I see what your issue is. My “Security” settings look like this:

I tried disabling the Fingerprint option and when I reopen the app, I need password and 2FA everytime.

If you enable one of the 2 options (Fingerprint or PIN Authorization), you won’t have to login every time.

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