Wallet is LIVE 🚀🚀🚀

Great job guys I love the animations on the intro page and now I feel the urge to move tokens from MEW to Nash :grin:


Yes, it is what it generates!

I did it recently, it looks very pretty.

For me the “portfolio” and the “activity” just keep loading without success

Samsung SM-J530F
Android 8.1.0

In the video at 17 seconds, there is a small spelling mistake. Andoid instead of Android. Maybe fix it before publish the video :).

Best regards


It works fast, it looks great! thanks team!

But is there no staking on the app? Or do I look wrong… :beer::crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face:

:blue_heart: Love the app!

:bulb: For anyone wanting to login faster, go to you security settings and enable “Fingerprint”: that will skip the email/password login, however you will still have to enter your 2FA code.

My feedback:

  • 2FA code should be auto-submit, it would feel much smoother
  • even better would be to be able to link your 2FA app and auto-fill the code with it, that would be jaw-dropping good

What I was hoping would be in this release (by order of priority):

  • An access to the community forum would have been a-ma-zing
  • Staking

I am so thrilled. :tada::confetti_ball:
Can’t wait to have it on iOS.
Congrats to the whole team. You did it!

Android 9.0 One plus 3T 5,5" screen working great. For first deploy is looking fantastic. I didn’t expect anything less from this time.
Slow and steady we going forward


Well done team, I love you all! Right on time, beautifully made, the future is Nash! Can’t wait for iOS

@kazanchev Dude… you’re not helping.

App looks great. Some minor feedback:

  • When I start the app, it takes about 20 seconds before I get the sign in page. Until then the screen stays white and only at the last second I see the screen loader.
  • I agree to the feedback of @Oldsport, but it would already be nice if I could copy and paste my authentication code.

Binance has a nice little animation on their app of their logo when you open the app. It would be cool for Nash to have an animated logo when you open the app and things are “booting up” in the background. Something moving instead of a blank screen so people know it hasn’t frozen, it would be a nice touch.


I saw some tong about NEX max supply which i think is incorrect. Do you link data from coinmarket cap ?

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I can’t copy paste the authentication code!

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Yes, I also mentioned that. Hope they will implement it. I just can’t remember the six numbers in one go :sweat_smile:

Ow, now it works. Just updated the app. That was a quick fix :sunglasses:


Love the app…I agree with 2FA it should paste the code automatically or at least manually (copy/paste). Also activating the finger print option doesnt work for me. Whenever I log out it will be deactivated. The app wasnt updated for me as @chrome mentioned above.

You are revealing your NEX amount, not sure if you’d want that. Just a heads up :slight_smile:

But yeah you’re right, they’re using CMC data which shows the incorrect supply of Nash. Doesn’t look like it’s going to be fixed soon because CMC relies on Neotracker and they have been showing the incorrect amount since the beginning now :sob:


I love the app so far.

I do have to agree about the white screen though on start up, It makes it seem a little buggy or like it crashed or something… A cool animation would be a nice touch!


Thx for warning :slight_smile: . it’ pretty misleading information when looking at it and i hope they will fix it before marketing begins.
I don’t see option to do KYC via mobile app any more ? is it still possible to do it like that?

The latest version has one new function: “Fix pasting logic during 2fa” :grin: